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Family History (according to Miguel Flesia)

As my uncle related to me,  who in turn listened  it of his father, the family legend relates that the original last name would have been Fresia, native from France, from some near town to the frontier with Italy. 
It is related that it happened a dispute between a Fresia and an official of the Army soon after the death of a dog, and this official would have sent two soldiers to capture him. This Fresia avoided the soldiers defending with a stick, and due to his agility (since the encounter happened at the banks of a stream and this ancestor jumped from one to another bank) he could escape to Italy through the frontier. Already in Italy it changed the last name Fresia for Flesia.

As Elio Flesia (from Marseille, France) related me, the last name is native of Ostana (Italy), due to a wrong annotation in the parochial book, since he found; when he made a genealogical research; that his more distant ancestor (Jofredus Fresia), born in 1697 at San Michele Prazzo,  and then emigrated to Ostana circa 1720, wrote down half of its children with the last name Fresia and the other half as Flesia. Dino Flesia, from Savigliano, said me that at the same time some Frezia e Fresia emigrated to Barge, district Assarti. There are also registers at San Michele Prazzo of other Fresia since 1500.

Could it be possible to relate the two histories?. Family legends generally are not exact in dates and circumstances, but certainly something really have.